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Backyard landscape, featuring a pool, lounge area, and sunset reflecting on the water - Cost Mesa Architect - Meddock Architects

Costa Mesa Architect

At Meddock Architects, we create lasting and timeless architecture for people to enjoy and create lasting memories within. Specializing in custom homes across Southern California, major home remodels, and iconic restorations, our work does not blend in, but it belongs.

Get To Know Your Costa Mesa Architect

Your home is a on-of-a-kind, modern, timeless expression of your personality. We apply that approach to our work, because people remember how warm, modern architecture makes them feel.

We meticulously design, down to the pen stroke, giving voice to the soul and story of your home. As people experience a building, they should feel something in their heart, taking things in with all five senses. Our work mediates an inaudible dialogue between your soul and the soul of your home.

Take some time to explore our approach and portfolio of work. If you’re ready to discuss an upcoming project, we’d love to schedule a meeting.

Our Work in the Costa Mesa Area

Based in Costa Mesa, CA, our projects span across Southern California. We invite you to explore some highlights from our portfolio of work.

Signature Textures + Details, featuring an outdoor hallway, breezeway - Cost Mesa Architect - Meddock Architects

A key ingredient of our homes are the signature textures and details. Warm tactile surfaces, clean lines, and attention to detail combine to engage the senses and make a house feel like a home.

Light + Space, featuring natural light creating striking patterns across a living room wall - Cost Mesa Architect - Meddock Architects

Light and space is the essence of architecture. We define architecture as the soul of a space, expressed when the synergy of form, nature, and light beautifully cultivates joy and memories. Walls, floors, and roofs are merely the beautiful forms created to capture light and space.

Indoor-Outdoor Flow, featuring an indoor hallway light by skylights and ceiling to floor windows - Cost Mesa Architect - Meddock Architects

We think beyond the glass and create features that blur the lines between inside and out. Combining nature with space and light creates a synergy that brings the home to life.

Landscapes, featuring a jacuzzi water feature with light refracting across the water's surface - Cost Mesa Architect - Meddock Architects

Landscapes are the foreground and the backdrop to a home. Landscapes are the art to be viewed through a picture window. Landscapes are nature, the wild outdoors that is key to creating the synergy of space and light. Landscapes become the architecture when your needs of the home as a shelter are met. We respect landscapes, because Architecture is impossible without it.

Featured Homes, showcasing the front of home at sunset, featuring uplit walls and an open, welcoming entryway - Cost Mesa Architect - Meddock Architects

We don’t think of homes as objects. Well designed homes should not get in the way of daily life and conversation, joy and memory making. We celebrate these homes because of the families who live there and who get to share in the joy and experiences that happen within.

Our Architecture Ethos

Architecture is the soul of a space, expressed when the synergy of form, nature, and light beautifully cultivates joy and memories.

We feel that soul through our experiences. Our architecture facilitates these experiences, revealing the soul of the space around you and giving birth to new memories.

About Chris Meddock

Southern California has always been where Chris calls home. His love for architecture stems from his father, a civil engineer, real estate consultant, and a true craftsman and woodworker. Through the years, he mentored Chris, developing a careful eye for detail and love for architecture’s beauty.

Chris attended USC's School of Architecture, and while at school, he journeyed on a three-month study abroad program to Southeast Asia. This trip, along with others around the globe cemented his appreciation of architecture as a soulful experience, one that should truly be felt.

After graduating in 2006, Chris interned for Scheurer Architects, learning from Mark Scheurer and Bob White. ​Chris then mentored under world class architect, Horst Noppenberger, in Laguna Beach, CA. Becoming a senior designer for Horst instilled a true foundation in local modern architecture. His time at Horst was marked by architectural passion without compromise. He fostered a standard of creativity and meticulous detail that Chris brings to his work today.

​In 2015, Chris became a California Licensed Architect. To hone his technical skills, he apprenticed for a local general contractor, building finely crafted homes.

Today, Chris operates Meddock Architects out of Costa Mesa, CA, serving clients across Southern California.

Breadth of Work

Custom Single-Family & Multi-Family Residential, $1.5Mand more, showing a home inside a shield - Cost Mesa Architect - Meddock Architects

Custom Single-Family & Multi-Family Residential, $1.5M+

Custom single family homes and small boutique multi-family homes are our specialty. We will intimately learn about you and your family to create homes that suit your lifestyle. For homes built on spec we place ourselves in the shoes of a future family or occupants respecting their potential needs and ability to create lasting memories.

New Construction Icon, featuring common design drafting tools - Cost Mesa Architect - Meddock Architects

New Construction

New construction is an opportunity to truly create something from nothing with full control over the design decisions and creative process. New construction also has less constraints and allows for a smooth process from beginning of design through the end of construction

Icon Restorations Icon, featuring a keyhole surrounded by a circular arrow - Cost Mesa Architect - Meddock Architects

Iconic Restorations

We honor the master Architects of the past. Not only do we learn from them and get inspired by their work, but their timeless designs still weather and age, requiring restoration to maintain their longevity and to continue to inspire future generations. Our approach to restoration is to do what those Architects would do if they were alive and practicing today. With the aid of books, historical consultants, and other works we can learn the design language of a home and its Architect in order to make decisions about its restoration, giving it new life

Major Home Remodels Icon, featuring a solid and outlined house stacked atop each other - Cost Mesa Architect - Meddock Architects

Major Home Remodels

While new “ground up” construction can often save time and money vs. a remodel, there are instances where it makes sense to remodel. For example, a home may have existing non-conforming conditions that are “grandfathered in”, but new construction or a major remodel might trigger the city to require removal of those features which could be detrimental to the project. We are experts at navigating the nuances of the City and State codes, California Coastal Commision, and Design Review so that you can make the most informed decision that is right for you and for the value of the home.

Warm Modern Architecture Icon, featuring a home rooftop atop a wave symbol - Cost Mesa Architect - Meddock Architects

Warm Modern Architecture

We create modern architecture that is warm and tactile. We strive to engage your senses and we want our homes to feel like they can be lived in yet without getting in the way of your daily life. Though every client and every home are different, our preference is to lean toward the nostalgia of mid century modern homes. It was a time when family life was celebrated and there was a place to relax after a long day

What To Ask Your Costa Mesa Architect

As you look for a Costa Mesa Architect here are some critical questions that help you find the right fit:

  • What does an architect do? What is your role as the architect?

  • Do you assign an employee as a project manager? How involved are you vs. your employee throughout the project?

  • Do you specialize in commercial or residential architecture or both?

  • How many projects do you work on at one time?

  • What style of architecture do you specialize in?

  • Do you collaborate with interior designers and landscape architects?

  • Are you a licensed architect?

  • What is your role during construction?

  • What size projects do you work on?

We invite you to ask Meddock Architects these very same questions. We’d love to start a conversation and see if we can work together.

Why We Love Costa Mesa

Our favorite thing about Costa Mesa is the wide range of community events they have throughout the year. The one that we never miss is the concert in the park. Every Tuesday evening in July we gather with friends to enjoy great music, dancing and a stunning sunset from Fairview Park.

If you’re a lover of pizza like we are, there are few that come close to Folks Pizzeria at The Camp. The pizza and wine will take you back to memories of being in Naples Italy. Pair it with the cesar salad and you are guaranteed to come back for more!

Richard Neutra is one of the masters of mid century modern architecture and you may be surprised to learn he had quite an influence on Costa Mesa and Newport Beach including several buildings at Orange Coast College. Likely influenced by Neutra, our favorite work of architecture in Costa Mesa is the Mesa Verde Public Library designed by the talented young firm Schwager, Desatoff & Henderson in 1965.

Considering building a custom home or a major remodel? Get in touch.

We’d love to start a conversation and be your Costa Mesa architect!

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