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Founded in Newport Beach California in 2015, MEDDOCK ARCHITECTS strives to narrate your life through custom designed, hand crafted Architecture. We value your unique story, past present and future, while also giving voice to the soul and story of your home. This leads to harmony between you and your home, so you can be free to be YOU and your home can take the back seat providing warmth and shelter. Tell your story of a joy filled life with good family, good wine, lots of laughter, and memories for a lifetime!


At Meddock Architects we don't just start with an idea or a story, we start with our hands - graphite on paper - because design is all about problem solving. We scratch and smudge at those ideas carefully crafting lines on paper into something beautiful. As the process moves from graphite to computer, we don't forget the importance of Hands. Its a reminder that your home is built by the hands of skilled craftsman. We strive to collaborate with only the best local craftsman to achieve a high level of design aesthetic without compromising strength and longevity.


Chris Meddock, principal Architect, was born and raised in Southern California. His dad is a Civil Engineer, real estate consultant, and a true craftsman and woodworker mentoring Chris' eye for detail and craft in his blood. Chris graduated from USC School of Architecture in 2006 meanwhile interning for Scheurer Architects from 2002 to 2006 under Mark Scheurer and Bob White. After several leaps around the globe Chris went to work for world class Architect, Horst Noppenberger of Horst Architects in Laguna Beach from 2006 to 2015. In 2015 Chris became a licensed Architect in the state of California. Shortly after, Chris apprenticed part time for General Contractor Dave Shipp, honing his technical skills for building finely crafted homes. Today Chris is fully operating MEDDOCK ARCHITECTS out of Newport Beach and looks forward to hearing YOUR story.



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